Slow start of the room

Hello everyone,

In my production (I have the 7001 building) everything works fine.

In the development version where I merged the code of the building 7577, I noticed a slow start-up of the room …

I saw that some functions are called on the console twice unlike before:

In particular, the first log in console “Sip gateway enabled” pauses for a few seconds and then restarts a sort of cycle on the calls createConferenceIq, parseConfigOptions, parseSessionId until it returns to the parseConfigOptions with the Sip gateway enabled …

Can you tell me if it depends on some configuration file or on something that escapes me now?
Thanks in advance

First filter the console on the string TIME and see where is the biggest wait.
Also before joining the room, open a tab, open the network console and see is there some wait between the messages. If you are using bosh this will be a separate request to http-bind and you need to be checking the response text.
If it is a websocket connection it is easier as you see a table with all the messages exchanged over the websocket.

Thanks Damencho,
great suggestion:

below is a screenshot to connection websocket :

ps. before starting the room I didn’t notice any activities that take a long time to run

For some reason Strophe is connecting 2 times. The first time when it was connected was 1394 ms after the page load, the second time was 4 sec after load.

You can have more info about the communication and messages on the Network tab, and find the websocket there.

You need to figure out these two connections of strophe first … why is that

I understand. We use authentication to guarantee the unique moderator. We want that for a certain room for example the room “1234567890” there is only one person who can start it. For this reason, through reservation and authentication we reserve the right to the owner only to start that room.

I think the second call to the websocket is generated by the LoginDialog.

What about the messages in the network tab anything you see from there?

Another thing you can try is enabling jiconop module

Enable it under the main virtual host.