Slim down app.bundle.min.js

Since the file it’s too big, why not separate some stuff, like languages and so on in different files loaded on needings?

For example load the user language then if he changes language, load that file.

I think that actuall app.bundle.min.js is too heavy for a lightweight front end.

Languages are already separate, just the default one is embedded.

Ooow, ok!

Is there a way to recompile ti with the installed version from ppa?

Or a way to override something

You need to compile from source.

Ow ok :pensive:

Is there yet a tutorial for compiling from source with videobridge 2?

app.bundle is from jitsi-meet and there are links in its README. If you want to build jvb from source, you need to download its source it is a standard maven project and also there is a script of building the deb package if you want to …

As far as I can see there’s no tutorial for building everything from sources :worried:

What should I change in this on the manual install to get videobridge 2?

The easiest way to to install everything from the packages from unstable. To compile your changes, take the jar file and replace the original one with custom one and restart jvb.

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Have you links for compiling the .jar and how much “unstable” is unstable, can I get them through PPA?

Not sure what you refer as PPA.
But unstable is normally close to
echo 'deb unstable/' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jitsi-unstable.list is what you need.


PPA is the package from APT, you replied to my question :slight_smile:

cd /srv
git clone
cd jitsi-meet
npm install

It’s this right?


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I’d changing from sources… but where’s the default english language? I can’t see it LoL

@damencho compiled but I don’t find neither the jar file neither the app.bundle.min.js

I’m gatting sad xD

You compiled what?


Anyway I’d have a huge suggestion:
Make a snap installable version of Jitsi, snap really rocks and make installations really easy for everyone.

@damencho I’m trying to figure out how could I modify the maximum bembers for room and other stuff in /usr/share/jitsi-meet-web-config/config.js and apply these modifications in the apt installer

Or… where’s a more deep explained tutorial on compiling from sources, since I’m really noob with JS and nodeJS

The max number of members is configured in prosody. To compile jitsi-meet follow its readme.

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Perfect, I’ll check in prosody