Skipping the Join meeting screen when using iframe


I’m using the iframe option, with the free hosted
Since I’m setting the user name & email before creating the iframe- how can I skip the “join meeting” screen?

So even when I click join meeting without filling out the name- I still get the name defined when creating the iframe.

const domain = '';

const options = {
  roomName: room_name,
  width: '100%',
  height: '100%',
  parentNode: document.querySelector('#my-meeting'),
  interfaceConfigOverwrite: { },
  configOverwrite: { },
  userInfo: {
    email: user_email,
    displayName: user_name,

jitsi_api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);

configOverwrite: {
    prejoinPageEnabled: false,

Works!! Thank you!!