Skip join meeting page and join room automatically in android sdk?

Hello , I’m building an android chat application and use Jitsi SDK for video call part ,
Users see a join meeting before join room .

How can I disable this step and join room automaticaly.
I try to set some server configs in /etc/jitsi/meet/…-config.js

prejoinPageEnabled: false,

    prejoinConfig: {
        // When 'true', it shows an intermediate page before joining, where the user can configure their devices.
    //     // This replaces `prejoinPageEnabled`.
        enabled: false,
    //     // Hides the participant name editing field in the prejoin screen.
    //     // If requireDisplayName is also set as true, a name should still be provided through
    //     // either the jwt or the userInfo from the iframe api init object in order for this to have an effect.
    //     hideDisplayName: true,
    //     // List of buttons to hide from the extra join options dropdown.
    //     hideExtraJoinButtons: ['no-audio', 'by-phone'],

and set some config in differents way in android client

            .setConfigOverride("prejoinPageEnabled", false)
            .setConfigOverride("prejoinConfig.enabled", false)
            .setConfigOverride("prejoinconfig.enabled", false)
            .setConfigOverride("prejoinPageEnabled", false)
            .setConfigOverride("prejoinConfig.enabled", false)

but no way worked and users see meeting room page and should press join meeting to join the room.

Please help me. thanks.

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On your question:

enableWelcomePage: false,


prejoinPageEnabled: false,

in fact should work and be enough – are you sure you are loading the edited config.js and not a cached version…

Thanks @yasen
I changed config.js


about cache I changed config.js and restart services

/etc/init.d/jitsi-videobridge2 restart
/etc/init.d/prosody restart
/etc/init.d/jicofo restart

and uninstall app and try again
but join meeting page still showing …
In web and browsers all things is ok but in android show that page .

(I should do anything else to clear cache )

No need to restart services after such change, the config.js is loaded by the clients.

Can you try to call the page the following way from your app:


@yasen When I checked android logs it seems configs added to url

Android logs :

JitsiMeetSDK: [features/app] appNavigate to"en"&config.prejoinPageEnabled=false&config.prejoinConfig.enabled=false&config.requireDisplayName=false&config.prejoinconfig.enabled=false&config.config.disableInviteFunctions=false&config.welcomepage.enabled=false

Config loaded from

net.jitsi.sdktest I/JitsiMeetSDK: [features/base/config] Extending config with: {“prejoinConfig”:{“enabled”:false},“prejoinPageEnabled”:false,“requireDisplayName”:false}

ExternalAPI Sending event: CONFERENCE_WILL_JOIN with data:
{ NativeMap:
{“url”:“”} }
Conference will join: {url=}

After set prejoinpage.enabled flag to false in android client problem soved.

.setFeatureFlag("prejoinpage.enabled", false)

@yasen Thank you for taking the time to answer my question

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