Skin and / or overlay video streams possible?

Hi there! Is it possible to insert / overlay images/animations on top of participants’ video feeds? The only analogy I can think of would be the bottom 1/5th ads you see on some videos, but we have a special use case where we desire to put time sensitive training content on top of all videos at specific points in the video session (controllable by the admin user).

Is that doable?

I have a similar question on changing the background all of the videos sit upon, but that is probably much easier done since that is just “normal” reskinning, not messing with video. Thanks!

I think it can be possible using the endpoint messaging and with a customized UI. The customized UI will publish the info on the top according to the incoming endpoint message. I have no idea for the mobile clients

Related keywords: iframe API, sendEndpointTextMessage, endpointTextMessageReceived event