Size of Web UI interface on mobile devices vs. desktop

The intro screen (do you have the app?) and wait screen (click to join session) are displayed very small on mobile devices. See screenshots.
Current users have to zoom in to select “Launch in Web” or “Download” and then to click on the Join button. This then makes their participant face much too zoomed when joined, then have to remember to zoom out again.
Is there a way you could zoom/modify the CSS depending on the viewport/device i.e. desktop vs phone?

The mobile apps are recommended as best-suited for mobile interfaces. Using a web browser on your mobile devices to connect will give you perspective issues like this.

It’s understood that the app is the best method. But there are people who choose to not download the app for just one video for example, or have no space available or any other reason.
For them, adjusting the perspective to the viewport would be an improvement so I’m asking if the Jitsi team could tinker with this page to ensure it displays at the right font size for each dimension (xs to xl)?
Thanks much everyone :slight_smile:

Would be great to have these pages displaying at the right dimension/zoom/css sizes on mobile. Would anyone from Jitsi look into this?

It would be great if these 2 Jitsi pages referenced above were readable on a mobile page without zooming. Can something be done for them to be responsive and scale correctly?
Thank you Jitsi :slight_smile: