SIP Voice Gateway with Jigasi using API

Hi guys,

Part 1:
I run the Jigasi and config the sip account correctly
Now in Jitsi-meet I can click on the “Invite people” and type a PSTN phone number and click on button “invite”. The phone ringing and connect to the phone and we can speak as well.

I used this document:

I added this lines to config.js:

enableUserRolesBasedOnToken: true,
peopleSearchQueryTypes: ['conferenceRooms'],
peopleSearchUrl: '',

I generate an api link like:[%22conferenceRooms%22]&jwt=somejwt

when I call it on browser I see this output:

       "number": "+1234567890",
       "name": "Someone 1",
       "type": "phone"
      "id": "+18222222222",
      "name": "someone 2",
      "type": "phone"

Following the settings of Part 2, when I click “Invite People” and type a character, A number of errors occur and the web page will be disable:
the errors are in console:
screen shot of error

Notice: If i set “type”: “videosipgw” This error does not occur and i can see the output list of api and i can click on them. BUT when i click on the name there are some another errors occur. but it;s not important because i don’t want to use “videsipgw” for video call. I just want to add a phone number and have a voice call.

My Requirement:
When I type the name on the text field, show the result of api and click one of them and invite that phone number to room exactly same the Part 1.

Please advise me

We do not use actively this feature with “phone” and we may have broken it with some change.
Feel free to open an issue on jitsi-meet and when time permits we can look at it (not sure when this will be), and of course any PRs are welcome.

Thank Damian.
I saw this feature in my searches in some sources.
Ok, So can I use the “videosipgw” for just call the phone number with Jigasi?
Also we have another type as “user”. I think it is just for calling inviteServiceUrl for make invitation on our api server side and send something like the links or anything. Right?
or Can I use type “user” for call the phone number?

Now, this is a call from the client to jicofo to join a sip video jibri in the call.

Yes, this calls external service to do invites.

Yeah, if you add your numbers there as users and create a service that will get that call and either create two sip calls merging it, one to the number and one to jigasi. Or it can send a dial-iq xmpp message from inside prosody to jicofo … or something like that. I’m not sure the second one is possible … but can be explored …

Thanks again Damian,
As I said, when the Jigasi is active, I can type the Telephone number on the field text, after that I can click on the number and call that phone number.
here when I’m typing the numbers, seems to be searching somewhere.
Do you know where this search is done?
Maybe I can fill it with our data, manually.
I found something like contactlist.xml. is it that or something like that?

It is coming from peopleSearchUrl, whatever that service returns.

I didn’t get that. Are you talking about jitsi-meet or jitsi desktop the legacy desktop client?

Yes, but you said: “We do not use actively this feature with “phone” and we may have broken it with some change.”

I mean Jitsi-meet (web)

In the final, Is this right?
“I can not get a phone list from peopleSearchUrl, which I can make voice call with them, now.”

Yes, the one where the people search url return type phone.

You can, but as I understood you had observed already, there is a bug in the code around handling it.

Thanks very much.
I will try to find and debug it, and I let you know the result at here.