Dear @damencho @saghul.
Thank your’s team for really nice Jitsi Meet products. We deployed jitsi to meeting servers Ubuntu 18.04 to handle company’s meeting and seminars.
Now we have Cisco/Polycom devices, we hope that they can join to jitsi-meet. I read many threads on forum regarding this topic “SIP Video Gateway”.

I followed the guide [SIP Video Gateway on handbook page] to setup jibri gateway. It’s done with PeopleSearch box within Jwt Token.
I also used the Pjsua-PJSIP from here pjsip_branch_jibri-2.10-dev1.
The two jibri-xorgs are running with X display :0 and :1, two jibri-icewm daemons for both :0 and :1 are okay.

By these settings, jitsi-meet could make a call to local SIP client via Opensips server. However both sides (jitsi and SIP client) cannot see the video/audio of each other. On Jitsimeet conference, SIP client shows the video from my camera. On SIP client side, there is no video. And the SIP call will be stopped soon.

I checked Jibri’s logs, it seems to be that jibri did not start the FFMPEG capturers, and maybe the captured streams’re not given to destination ( some /dev/video* devices as I assumed) correctly. Default configued pjsua.config set --vcapture-dev=1, but pjsua (vid dev list command) shows that id=1 is SDL openGL renderer [SDL][render].

Is there any way to configure virtual display X and Jibri/Pjsua to make sure that FFMPEG can capture and give out to other side.

Please help me to solve this problem. Thank you.


–auto-update-nat 0
–dis-codec GSM
–dis-codec H263
–dis-codec iLBC
–dis-codec G722
–dis-codec speex
–dis-codec pcmu
–dis-codec pcma
–dis-codec opus
–add-codec pcmu
–add-codec pcma
–add-codec speex
–add-codec G722
–add-codec opus
–ec-tail 0
–quality 10

vcapture-dev is the setting you need.

Thank you @saghul. I tried ps aux command, but there is no ffmpeg commands, which should be launched to capture X display :0 and give out to video device ID 1 —vcapture as you mentioned. I used docker jibri from dev branch.

Our docker jibri does not support SIP yet.

Oh I knew that, I tried with jibri deb package but the result is exactly same. I used dev branch from @netaskd. Could you guide me for jibri deb file case @saghul. Thanks

We currently have no proper setup for it, sorry. You are on your own… until we fully bake it in.