SIP Video Conferencing

Hi Community,

we are trying to setup a SIP Video Conferencing solution with Jitsi (jibri) with code from the GitHub Projects jitsi-component-selector and jitsi-component-sidecar as presented in this YouTube Live Stream and this relatet Presentation.

We have some questions:

  1. Use of Voximplant

What features of Voximplant are you using? We tried to replace Voximplant with asterisk as our custom SIP Server. But we don’t know what the HTTP Connection on the 18th slide is used for.

Can we even replace Voximplant with asterisk or is there something more magic?

  1. How are sessions and conferences started / build up

We try to guess how a conference is started in real life.

For example: We would start a “normal” Jitsi session started now how is a SIP (Video) Member joining / invited to the session? Is he calling a special / prepared conference Number / Room? Is he somehow invited to the session? Or can we somehow call a SIP client from the session (like with jigasi)?

  1. Linux Device Names for loop-back devices

We learned that there have to be special named loop-back device names. Do you have a list of this devices?

  1. Documentation

Can you point us to any more documentation regarding this?

Thanks for your help!

are you just wanting to take a call while in conference?

Hi supportteam15, we want to connect (multiple) SIP Video Devices to a Jitsi Call (Conference), e.g. Cisco Room Kits.

magic yes. is there any reason why you want to connect the cisco room kit? what are you trying to accomplish is there a phone call coming in?

It’s just a requirement. The Cisco Room Kit people want to join Jitsi Meetings and cannot use Jitsi-Clients.

and phone call?

I think you can. So the idea is that the call is received by the sip side, get the conference pin and query the conference mapper to get the real jid of the meeting then again using HTTP call to start a sip-jibri using this jid and then route the sip call to the sip-jibri address so it can connect with media into the meeting.

Two options here, you can use an invite service as described Configuring a video SIP gateway | Jitsi Meet where you can invite room from the UI.
Or the case which I explained above you dial from the sip video device which hits your asterisk. Where 12345 is the pin number of the meeting taken from UI (the one the conference mapper returned).

This is on our todo-list, we will get to it at some point.
I can help with just this link: Jibri as SIP VIDEO Gateway, Incoming call configuration questions - #10 by slider.xtm

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Thank you, we’ll try it out and dive deeper into the code.