SIP service which one to choose to have phone call access?

i’m curious which service people are using for SIP call. I would like to provide a bunch of telephone numbers depending on the region they are calling from. Would twillio work? Which service? Is there anything cheaper/better around? uses voximplant and we are working on providing docs with examples how to easily set it up, its coming in the following weeks.

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thanks! the doc would be indeed really useful :slight_smile:

Hi Damian,

Any updates on this? We are excited to see if you have some examples for getting call-in numbers working.


If you don’t mind hosting the IP-PBX, You can get much better pricing than voximplant. I wouldn’t pay half what they’re asking, but I see the appeal in some platform specific use cases.

Twilio pricing isn’t much better, but you pay for the API and other features. flowroute as one example, pricing is reasonable in my opinion. There’s still less expensive options, but as you go cheaper you get into the territory of needing to be your own PBX.

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Yes, the examples and docs will be published in few days.

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any update on this?