SIP Server and JIGASI


I have a SIP server specified in JIGASI configuration files. But I’m not sure it’s due to JIGASI configuration.

How can I test SIP communication ?
I had in mind to install a SIP client to see if it’s working with, like “Jitsi Desktop”, “Gotomeeting”, etc.
It would say I need to test through VNC to have a graphical interface on my ubuntu server.

Do you have any other ideas ?

Thank you,

Hi Yann,

Your usecase is not entirely clear to me. Can you rephrase? Are you just trying to install a SIP server for use with SIP clients?

I tried otherwise, i’m now sure it’s come from JIGASI configuration.
I can call from “Zoiper” and from “JITSI Desktop”.

I still can’t understand what you are trying to do.

I have a SIP server, and i want to use it to make calls from jitsi-meet.
The issue certainly comes from jigasi configuration because I tried to use SIP clients (Zoiper, Jitsi Desktop), and it’s working.

Yep, Jigasi uses same code as Jitsi Desktop and their configurations about the sip part are the same.
You can open Jitsi Desktop settings -> advance -> property editor and compare your settings with those that are for jigasi.