SIP phone number / trunk for The Netherlands in Meet

Dear community,

I saw a handy function where people can dial-in a video conference with pin. But there is no number for The Netherlands. It would be appreciated and very helpful those days when there will be a Dutch number (+31) . There is a SIP/Trunk provider who likes to sponsor it, see . What are the possibilities for this?


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Hi people,

I would like to second this request.
My friends and me would greatly appreciate if a free phone number to call in from Poland would be available.
Is it possible?
Is there a way I could help with that?


Hi Jurjen,

After talking with the team, we’ve decided to simply add a new DID for Netherlands. We’ll have it in the public list soon, but if you wish to begin using it now, it’s live at:


Hope this helps!


In order to have a Poland number we will need a valid address in Poland to register it. If you are willing to be the sponsor of this number and provide your address as well as region code (+48 ??) we will register a number there, with the caveat that if the address validation fails the number will also be removed.

Thanks Aaron :slight_smile:

Hi Aaron, is it possible to add an Italian Number as well?
As you might know, the country code is +39 , and yes you can use my company’s address, if you like . If you need any more details, send me a private email to my email address

Is there a solution to connect our Jitsi server with your call server to have the phone call functionnality ?
Or the only way is to install an ansterix server with a trunk SIP provider?

@Aaron_K_van_Meerten The Dutch DID number is dropping once entering the passcode. The voice says connecting to your room and then the call is dropped. Edit: Same with German DID.

Is this still the case for you? I tested the dutch DID and it seems OK now. It may be that we were having a minor outage there, I’ve reached out to the team to see if anyone knows anything about it, but it seems to be working for me.

@Aaron_K_van_Meerten Just did a test and it connected. Seems it must have been down last night when team mbembers were testing.