SIP Participants on lobby


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I’m using the EXTERNAL API and the LOW LEVEL one, and I need to detect lobby users that are SIPs.
Currently, I use the to get the ‘features/base/participants’ for in-conference users, and I check the isJigasi property. If it is set to true, it’s a SIP user (phone).
But for lobby, i have no informations about user’s type in the "features/lobby’ array.

Is there any method to get that information ?

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I don’t think jigasi reports that in the lobby. So you need first to change so jigasi reports it there as it does in the normal meeting.

Okay !
I’m gonna investigate, thanks you.

May I ask you another question about SIP participants? (It’s a slightly different subject, I can open a new thread if you prefer)

I need to rename all sip participant by either a static name “SIP number 0”, “SIP number 1” etc… Or by a custom name “Dave”,“Jessie”, whatever…
I have access to both External & Lowlevel api from the moderator point of view.

I can kick SIP participants, no problem. But the External API doesn’t provide way to rename remotely participants. Way I archived that with “normal” participant is via WebSockets by sending string that are then mapped to local jitsi command. I just tell a client to programaticly rename themself. I can not do that with SIPs since they do not have access to any javascript code, API.

Or, at least, just rename them virtually.
I proccessed to look at the Document tree, and for every node that directly contain the phone number of a given participant, I change it to whatever I want (sip user 1, dave, jessie, bryan, ahmed…).
But if we change Tileview, or other layout shifts, the textContent seems to be re-set by jitsi and so forces me to re update for every node.

This is not consistant and forces me to listen to lot of events, and I’m not sure I didn’t skip one.

I hope I was sufficiently clear, please tell me if you need any extra informations or clarity bonus.

Thanks you

You can set the caller id of the sip participants, on the sip side and this will make sure the names are the same everywhere …