SIP keep alive


when I shutdown the SIP server (Asterisk), the presence state of Jitsi remains the same (online). When the server comes back up the extension does not re-register and as result is unreachable - without recognition of the user because the online status is still present.

My question is if I can configure Jitsi to retry registering in a certain invervall.

I unsuccessfully tried to change the “default subscription duration” found in the SIP account settings under presence (set it to 60, default was 3600) and my keep alive interval (found under connection of the SIP account settings) is set to the default value of 25. The keep alive method is set to “OPTIONS”.

As preferred and only available transport I use TLS if that is important in this case.

For any help I am very grateful.

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Try to set it to register and see if that helps.

Thank you. After setting the keep alive method to “REGISTER”, it now enters the offline state but doesn´t come back in an online state. I have to manually set it to online.

Can I somehow configure how often a retry occurs?

It should be automatic … maybe have bugs in it … if you are running the stable one, the unstable one has updates there for sure … but other things may have problems, you can give it a try.

I tried it with the new-build branch but there was no improvement. The behaviour is the same.

I see, well it needs attention and debugging :frowning: