SIP Communication cuts after 30s

I’m a new jitsi user.
I’m Trying to use jitsi’s desktop solution on a Windows 7 computer + Aastra SIP IPBX calling a physical SIP aastra phone

Ringing is ok and communication established well. But after 30 secs, it ends.
I don’t have this problem on same machine with others SIP clients (ex : X-lite) so I guess thas everything is fine on firewall and routing protocols.

I can send wireshark’s capture and logs if necessary
I can just see in wireshark’s capture that IPBX send an SIP/INFO request, client sends “Not Implemented” and then IPBX send a “Bye” Request

Do somebody experiments this ?
Any Idea where to look ?

ps : An other question : Jitsi desktop is sometimes called legacy. will it disappear ?

Can you disable this sip-info messages coming to the client? Apparently those are not implemented, the client itself is sending some sip messages every 25 second to keep NAT up, there is no need for the server to send…

Hi, not rely… It’s an mitel ipbx. I don’t have access to config.
It sends One packet every 10 seconds.
It looks like this method is a standard =>

Could there be possible to make jitsi implement it ?

We are using to send those messages. It just there is no handling for incoming INFO messages.
Any PR is welcome, all the sip code is here:

Hi, I’m Network admin but not developer and don’t speak java… I could break everything :wink:
So I wrote an issue : rather than a PR

I see, I left some comments in the PR, cause I don’t understand why the service will send BYE in this situation … this is some non-standard behaviour…