[sip-comm] Your student is here :)


Hello SIP Community,

I am Shobhit Jindal a.k.a Trojan Horse :slight_smile: and am an undergrad pursuing
Electronics Engg.
am a first timer in GSoC and am damm excited!! but my semester exams are
starting very soon preventing me to start the project and am really looking
forward to 4th May when I will be set free :slight_smile:

My Project is to seamlessly integrate SSH Services in SIP Communicator. The
abstract is available at

My blog is published at http://trojan-jindal.blogspot.com/ where I will be
regularly updating about the progress of the project and
comments/suggestions are more than welcome :slight_smile:

thanks again for accepting my proposal


Shobhit Jindal
B.Tech. Part-III,
Department Of Electronics Engineering,
Institute Of Technology, BHU