[sip-comm] Yet another config file question



just downloaded the SIP Communicator for Windows
(ZIP file dates March, 11). Several problemes with
config file, even after browsing the mail archives.

The logfile says: property file not found. Thus
I moved sip-communicator.properties around:
- in working directory - no success
- in $HOME/.sip-communicator - no success

then, after a short look in the sources, I renamed
it to sip-communicator.xml in $HOME/.spi-communicator.
The Configure menu did something, but the xml file
was empty afterwards (null bytes)....

What to do??

PS: I would like to use SIP Communicator with Pulver's
Free World Dial as a replacement for the more or less
commercial downloads offered by FWD. Any experience with the setup for
SIP Communicator? Sometimes my computer is behind a
_very_ restrictive firewall - only access to the
Internet via HTTP proxy -> IMO I can't use SIP at all?

Any ideas/thoughts?




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