[sip-comm] Win32 binary of sip-communicator



Should the sip-communicator binary distribution for Win32
currently available for download (file size 5,781,730)
work on Win2kServer/SP3/TS/JRE1.4.2_08? It is unable
to find the audio and video capture devices on this
host (Detect Capture Devices: "Capture device query

In addition it won't save configuration settings between
starts (especially a problem with the SipStack IP Address
on this multihomed host).

Also, after setting the configuration, how does one
make it attempt to re-register with the sip proxy
(it only tries once according to our 'ser' logs)?

I have posted various logs at:

There is no java sdk on this box; will I need to
build from sources to get it to work?


Michael Grigoni
Cybertheque Museum


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