[sip-comm] Video Call with SIP communicator



My name is Oscar, I have been tring to get a video call with SIP
communicator using SIP protocol for a couple of weeks but I could not

I read that SIP communicator support Video Call via SIP. But there is no
option on the UI. Anyway I notice that SIP communicator active my usb Web
Cam. So It shoud be a possibility to get Video Call. I read a post on
markmail.org from Emil but I coud not success.

How can I configured SIP communicator to use a media source or a video
stream from a web cam?

How can I configured the other host to capture that video stream with SIP

I like a lot this project, I would like to help but I still have to learn a
lot about Java. I can program in C and I started Java only 3 weeks ago.

Thanks in advance
Kind Regards,