[sip-comm] SIP communicator - Working locally


Hi all,

  I am new to SIP Communicator and trying to get familarize with the SIP-Communicator.
First of all i am trying to run the SIP Communicator in the local network.
I am facing a problem like, the SIP Communicator is not getting registered with the SIP RI server.

To my understanding the SIP - RI server is getting started when starting the SIP Communicator.
After i start the SIP Communicator and entereing the username and password it waits for sometime and gives a message of
"Not registered Request timedout" Error message.

I have followed the steps given in the instructions.html page.
But still i am getting through. Is it mandatory to get communicated with some external VOIP providers?
Can some one help me in how to proceed further?

Thanks in advance.


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