[sip-comm] sip communicator register message is wrong?


well, I think the spec says you can have that, but I agree it should not be
included as the Contact field is supposed to be used for port and transport
info. In fact, I am thinking that only the Via and Contact fields should
have this stuff, and the to, from and REGISTER should not, otherwise there
is too much duplication and it is very confusing for the sip newb like me.


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This looks like a bug to me. The REGISTER method should only identify the
the Contact header is used to register the protocol and port number.

On Thu, 17 Nov 2005 07:01:53 -0800 (PST), Litty Preeth wrote:

hi hiller,

Well there is no way you can change this without modifying the code. To

remove the
port and transport from appearing in the Register request you need to
modify the
net.java.sip.communicator.sip.RegisterProcessing class.

In this class there is the method synchronized void register(String

int registrarPort, String registrarTransport, int expires). In this method
you need to
remove the lines

             try {
             catch (ParseException ex) {
                                + " is not a valid transport!", ex);
                 throw new CommunicationsException(
                      registrarTransport + " is not a valid transport!",



Hope it works for you...

With Regards,
Litty Preeth
"Hiller, Dean" <DHiller@carrieraccess.com> wrote: sip communicator

message is wrong? hmmmm. I am confused and trying to figure why
this does not
work with sipxpbx. First thing I see wrong is I don't see sip-comm going
to dns to
lookup the sip udp records to find the sip server to register with. The
DNS would send
back sipxpbx.labs.carrieraccess.com at which point, I think the register
is supposed to
look like

REGISTER sip:labs.carrieraccess.com SIP/2.0
Instead the register looks like this from sip-comm
REGISTER sip:labs.carrieraccess.com:5060;transport=udp SIP/2.0
I think this may be the problem, but I honestly have no idea as I don't

know the
spec that well yet. Is there anyway to get rid of the :5060;transport=udp
changing the code? If not, I am running the code from eclipse and can
easily modify it
anyways. Which java file is this from?

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   Hi Hiller,

You are not doing anything wrong. But the SipCommunicator is using the

net.java.sip.communicator.sip.REGISTRAR_ADDRESS property value as the
request uri for the register request while it should use the
net.java.sip.communicator.sip.DEFAULT_DOMAIN_NAME value for it (according
RFC 3261). I think its a bug in it.

With Regards,
Litty Preeth

"Hiller, Dean" <DHiller@carrieraccess.com> wrote: I am

tracing with
ethereal and am trying to figure out what is wrong in my config file
sip-communicator. It is sending out a regis! ter message with

     REGISTER sip:sipxpbx.labs.carrieraccess.com:5060;transport=udp
     I am not sure but I think the server only allows REGISTER

sip:labs.carreraccess.com since this is used to calculate the hash(I
have verified
this with sjphone and manually calculated the hash of that with
username/realm/password and nonce and got the same thing as the
What could I be doing wrong in the config file. I need the realm to
labs.carrieraccess.com, and the request needs to go to
sipxpbx.labs.carrieraccess.com which is the pbx for that realm. I have
working with sipxpbx and send ethereal traces of what is working and
traces of sip-comm not working. Anyone know what I have wrong in my


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