[sip-comm] SIP Communicator.. no Video


I'm trying to set up peer-to-peer voice/video session using 2 SIP
Communicators on 2 Linux laptops (Fedora 3 core). I'm running into 2
problems, and any inputs on these will be greatly appreciated:

1. One of the SIP communicators does not seem to run the required media
player, once the session is established (i.e. no GUI comes up after
establishing the session). The log does not show any explicit error, and
it is receiving audio/video RTP messages from the other (as seen by
tcpdump). I notice from the log that it does not start the media player
(whereas the working one's log says "firePlayer starting after session is

2. I'm transmitting an mpg video file.. I can hear the audio but no video
is displayed.. should I setup the VIDEO_CODEC to a particular value for
mpg's in the xml file? (I'm able to play the mpg file using mplayer)



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