[sip-comm] sip-communicator had connected.BUT no audio ,no video.


     I have An Audio Device and A Video Device. I run sip-communicator(binary package) sucessfully. I could call another party and I connected it(It point that SIP protocol is no problem). But nothing happened when i tried to say something on my microphone.No audio, No video in the my sip-communicator.How can I delivery my voice and video to another computer using this software.
     I had installed JDK1.5 and JFM2.1.1e. My workstation is WindowsXP.Attaching a copy of the console output in accessories.
     In addition,How do to configure the JMF(or it needn't configure)?
     Awaiting your reply. Thanks.
                                             Almasy Bian

test.txt (73.6 KB)


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