[sip-comm] sip-comm architecture...how do I break in half?


where is the code for the 1.0 release? I am assuming just check out of cvs.
I am going to have to learn all this stuff regardless and maybe I can
actually contribute some fixes as I go. I will be running multiple phones
in the same JVM actually which will be interesting as far as preferences go.


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Hello Dean,

You might want to wait a bit for the 1.0 release as it will have a sip
component manageable through an OSGI service interface. In other words
you would most probably need 10 times less code and knowledge of the
protocol to get what you want.


Hiller, Dean wrote:

I have decided I want to use the business side logic of sip-comm in a
prototype i am doing that may become product. It looks like I can use
SipManager and MediaManager for this purposes. Is that correct? Do you
think there are any gotchas with doing this?

Previously, we had h323 business logic code that had a terminal. the
terminal had media component and h323 component. The h323 component
then had registration component and call control component. sip-comm
looks very similar except there is some registration code mixed in the
SipManager and RegisterProcessing class.

thanks for any input,

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