[sip-comm] Select AUDIO-IN, AUDIO-OUT and VIDEO/CAMERA devices


Hey Gary,

Sorry for not answering this earlier - no there's currently no way to
select input/output devices in SC.

However I am surprised that you should be having the problems you
describe because normally windows is handling concurrent access to the
audio device quite well. Last time I tried it there SC was working
without any such problems.


Gary Lane (GLP) написа:


Hi I’m a first time user of these boards so forgive me if this isn’t the
right way to address a question.

Is there a way of specifying which devices to use in the Windows build?

I have found that SIP-COMMUNICATOR grabs the current default audio
device and grabs it exclusively preventing any other source from
outputting to that device.

Furthermore, if the device is already in use when SIP-COMMUNICATOR is
started then SIP-COMMUNICATOR fails to start.

Ideally it should be able to specify which devices the app. should use
and allow shared use of those devices so they are not grabbed exclusively.

Is this something that I have just not got right or should I post this
to the ISSUES board?

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