[sip-comm] SDP Problem w/ SIP



I'm trying to connect to a SIP provider that only supports the following SDP

G.711 (codecs 0 and 8), G.726 (dynamic codec 116) and G.729 (codec 18).

I've been told by one of their network engineers that if you send payloads
in the dynamic range, they must have an attribute defining the type of codec
(an associated attribute map). He said to either remove payloads 97 and 110
or define them to make it through the gateway.

I am wondering how I can accomplish this or use one of the supported
standards. I see that JMF 2.1.1e supports the G.711 (U-law) audio RTP
format so I am considering modifying some of the source in the media bundle
to allow use of the G.711 codecs and also substitute the newer JMF library.
Any help on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated!