[sip-comm] SC nightly build 2126 and earlier using SIP accounts: "Authentication failed- the password you entered is not valid"


I am using Windows version of SC with SIP accounts for sipphone and iptel. following issues are occuring and I would be happy to receive any suggestions:

1) with both providers SC irregulary pops-up a new window to ask again and again the password (which I type in for sure correctly).
but again the message appears: "Authentication failed- the password you entered is not valid". After several times the connection is ok.
If the messages are ignored, the "remembered" password in the account gets deleted.

is this problem on the side of SC or on the provider (I am normal user, not programer), how to check this?

2) online contacts are shown "offline" although for sure online (happening with SIP contacts; both for sipphone and iptel)

3) chatting using jabber-account with OTR; other person is using Adium on a Mac with OTR:
messages looks like this:

Oct 19, 2009 xxxxxxxxxx@googlemail.com at 16:51:09
<FONT FACE="Helvetica" ABSZ=12 SIZE=3 BACK="#ffffff">hab schon</FONT>

Oct 19, 2009 xxxxxxxxxx@googlemail.com at 16:51:12
<FONT FACE="Helvetica" ABSZ=12 SIZE=3 BACK="#ffffff">aber du bist nicht da</FONT>

Oct 19, 2009 me at 16:51:27
ich sehe Dich auch nur als "offline"

4) German adverbs are not displayed correctly after OTR. If the other partner uses Pidgin+OTR messages containing adverbs are not displayed (text field is empty)

5) using iptel: so far I cannot get running zRTP with Audio & Video - SC freezes.

I would appreciate any feedback very much,

I am very much looking forward for the final release, GREAT SOFTWARE!


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