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Hi again,

I think I know what's wrong with the video performance in my environment. I found out that the PC's CPU has been maxed out because of doing video encoding. The laptop's cpu usage (pentium 2) is only around 10%. Checked that network has no problem. So maybe I should upgrade my PC.


Hi, I finally got video working!! However, the quality is not good. An almost 20-second delay. Here is my environment: * PC (Pentium Pro 233MHz, Windows 2000, SIP-Communicator)* PC (Pentium 2, Linux, SER)* Laptop (Pentinum 2, Windows 2000, SIP-Communicator)* Local network with 10/100 MHz LAN cards. *Latest SIP-Communicator source from CVS but STUN is disabled.* No audio activity is going on. How can I improve the quality? BR,Te-Cheng


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