[sip-comm] Problem to generate FULL LOG (TRACE_LEVEL = 32)


Dear Srs.,

I have tryed to generate a complete log of the exceptions that I am facing with SIP Communicator, but I can't manage to make the TRACE_LEVEL=32 to work.

When I had the windows binary, if I had set TRACE_LEVEL = 32, every time I restarted SIP Communicator it chaned back to 16!

Then Ranga told me to get the source on CVS and I did. As I was facing the same problem, I changed to source files:

'C:\test_CVS\sip-communicator\src\net\java\sip\communicator\SipCommunicator.java' :
C:\test_CVS\sip-communicator\src\net\java\sip\communicator\SipCommunicator.java(933): Utils.setProperty("gov.nist.javax.sip.TRACE_LEVEL",

'C:\test_CVS\sip-communicator\src\net\java\sip\communicator\sip\SipManager.java' :
C:\test_CVS\sip-communicator\src\net\java\sip\communicator\sip\SipManager.java(1171): ("gov.nist.javax.sip.TRACE_LEVEL", "32");

I forced both to 32, hopping that when I run Sip Communicator, it would generate the debug_log file with more information than only the sip messages.

Unfortunatly it didn't work! Can anybody help me out... ?

Thanks in advance,

Fernando Mello