[sip-comm] Problem of integrating sip-communicator with asterisk


Hi there,

I am trying to integrate sip-communicator with asterisk.

Sip-communicator can be register to asterisk and make a call, but some
problems happen as below.

1. SIP Message - OPTIONS doesn't be implemented, so sip-communicator
pops up error message all the time. Error message is "SipCommunicator's
SipManager didn't know how to handle the message OPTIONS in the current

2. sip-communicator is unreachable to asterisk as first problem
occurring too many times.

3. When sip-communicator makes a call to other sip softphone and other
sip softphone accepts, sip-communicator needs to spend about 35 sec. on
initialing JMF.

How do I solve these problems?

Thank you for your attention.