[sip-comm] New Ant build.xml default target


I have just updated build.xml to change the default target - i.e. the target to be built when
you run ant without any command-line arguments.

Previously, the default target was "rebuild" (dependent on clean and make). This
choice is not good for a newbie who has just downloaded the package and isn't aware
of the project prerequisites. The project team would have produced a ready-to-run
package that could be destroyed by a single command.

The new default ant target is fail-safe and helpful... it simply prints out four lines of
helpful ant alternatives, then exits without changing anything. I've convinced Emil this is
a more user-friendly approach... it is quite common practice in other open source java

However, it will probably inconvenience experienced developers on the project... but
then we are the people who ought to be least bothered by this change. If you
previously ran "ant", you should now run "ant rebuild". If you forget and run your old
command, the second line of the help listing will remind you of the "new" usage pattern.

Sorry if this causes you any convenience, but I hope it will be for the greater good of the
project users in future.

Brian Burch


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