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I would like to introduce my self as Mubashir .am working as a R&D engg in a good organization.I need your help
i got succeed in making modifications to nist jain stack and as well as sip communicator and it is working well. But finally I need a help from you.
That is when am trying to call from one end to another end at that time only one end is able to hear the voice but another end is not I checked out all the possibilities and I capture the packets with ethereal and I have seen but RTP is also Through from both end but at one end it is un-able to play the audio. I don't know y. and I have a question that is it because of " a header of SDP? i.e. a=recvonly?.I changed it to a=sendrecv but then also it is not working.

Could you please suggest me some thing so that I can run sip-communicator and able to make the audio through in both ends.

Request you to take a kind consideration.

Eagerly waiting for u r reply.

Thanking You.


Mubashir Ahmed Khan
Mahindra British Telecom .Ltd.
Sharda Centre, Off Karve Road,
Pune - 411004
Ph : 020-56018100 Extn:2869
Mob: +91 9890 566013



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You might not install JMF properly, or your media device didn’t work. monitor the output info.

Paul Hu


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