[sip-comm] JMF, NAT, RTP


Dear all,

I'm trying to setup an SIP-video-conversation between two paticipant via a public SIP-Registar using SIP-communicator. I manage to register both at the registrar and to get both paticipant in connected state. Unfornunatelly there is picture and no audio.

If one of the participants uses another SIP-Client application (e.G. X-Lite, audio only). That one is able to receive the audio comming from the Sip communicator. But with SIP-communicator I can't here anything.

In our setup our clients are behind a NAT-firewall.

My questions are:

Is sip communicator working with NAT?

Is JMF set up correctly? Especially - does RTP have to be enabled somehow. If yes how.

Thanks in advance and best regards



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