[sip-comm] IVR platform risks

Greetings, all.

I have a business requirement for an IVR platform. We are considering using VoiP for the connectivity to/from the PSTN.

On the patform we plan to use Nuance voice recognition. We also need to terminate and initiate calls, play pre-recorded messages and record what happens.

I'd need to have marketing pilot working by end December, and production-quality platform during Febuary.

I've extensive experience of real-time Java programming, but SIP & RTP are new to me (I've read the RFCs).

One option is to use sip-communicator as a starting point for the code. I've read the archives, and can see that someone got Nuance working.

How much risk would I be taking by going this way? Advice / comments welcome, on or off list :wink:

Chris Haynes