[sip-comm] Installation issues and package request


Hi all,

I have 2 installation issues:

1) When installing on Windows XP the chosen installation path is not respected. It still is "C:\Program Files\SIP Communicator". Non-admin-users get the message that the installation could not be completed for all users - effectively nothing gets installed. Additionally, please remove blanks from the path.

2) JAVA_HOME must be set at the moment. I use a portable JRE and had only my path set to the location of my JRE. A set path should be sufficient.

Regarding the package request, in addition to the Windows installer a zip-package with a portable version would be fine. I know, SIP Communicator is already portable, but it saves settings and user data in the user home directory. One big disadvantage at the moment is, that I first have to install the Windows version and then I can copy all files including the native libs to my usb stick, because the generic version doesn't contain them.




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