[sip-comm] how to enable stun support in sip-communicator


Dear all,

I have checked-out the sip-communicator source from svn.

i have built it successfully.

i have no firewall, direct internet connection.

when i register with sip account
the registration happens successfully in sip-communicator.

now if try to call the other party who is using ekiga (same SIP account ,
sip:userB@fwd.pulver.com <sip%3AuserB@fwd.pulver.com>), the call is being
established and ringing tone comes. but no voice, if we speak.

now if the other user who is using ekiga tries to call me, the call itself
is not coming. the error shown in ekiga is "Remote user is unreachable".

but, ekiga -> linphone and linphone -> ekiga works fine.

also, how to enable STUN in sip-communicator. Is, sip-communicator supports

what stun server does i have to use in sip-communicator.

what is mean by this error?

[java] 22:57:26.010 SEVERE:
Received error: 481 Call Leg/Transaction Does Not Exist