[sip-comm] How can I send a h.263 file??



I wrote you some days ago and I haven't had response. I will try it again: how can I send with Sip- communicator a video with format H.263?? I have coded the cif file (the original video, without compression) with a h.263 encoder and I have a correct video file, but I try to send it with sip-communicator to other PC, and I can't.

If I convert my h.263 file to mpg one, I can send the video, but I need to send it in h.263 format. Why can't I?? I have seen in Sip-communicator->Settings->Media Preferences (JMF Registry)->PlugIns->Codecs that there are codecs with input and output formats h.263, and then, why can't I send this type of files??

Can someone tell me something??

Thanks a lot,



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