[sip-comm] Failed to send Ack



i am quite new with sip-communicator so, maybe it's a dummy question :-[ ...
I've got several installations and each one is working but a laptop
still doesn't want to invite....

The problem is when sending the ACK (line 224 of the CallProcessing.java
in the sources) ...
When it tries to ack there's a java message dialog with "Failed To
Acknowledge Call" ...
And in fact the real error is
javax.sip.Exception: Cold(!) not create message channel

The jdk is 1.5.0_3 and ant is version higher than 1.6 ...

I cannot understand this error...

Please help.




Laurent BURGY
Doctorant INRIA / LaBRI


URL: http://phoenix.labri.fr/people/burgy


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