[sip-comm-dev] zRTP-Videocalls between Windows and Mac: partially successful (!)


I did video-testcalls of SIP communicator (latest version 2544 on both sides) between MacOX labtop (I think my friend uses leopard 6.3 ) and my WinXP SP2 labtop.

zRTP-Video is working (!) - nice quality of video & audio - however only from Mac to Windows, if I push "toggle Video" on my WinXP version, the connection drops as reported previously with "windows-only" testcalls.
My small "self-looking" window remains black in the conversation window, under the "Media(new)" settings however I can see myself normally.
It looks that the video issues are related to windows only - did anybody test that?

VoIP-provider: IPTEL

kind regards, MS


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