[sip-comm-dev] ZRTP integration update


Hello Werner, Romain,

I've commited into the SVN encryption branch some minor modifications and code cleanup (mainly for CallSessionImpl) which allows at this moment to establish secure communication even if the call is started unsecured. It works in any case - either if one of the peers starts the call secured and the other doesn't and hits the "Try Go Secure" button afterwards, or if both of them start the call unsecured and toggle secure comm ON at some moment after this (of course both of them should do this, if only one of them hits the button the call remains unsecured until the other one does this too). Essentially, I didn't do any major change to the previous commited code. In the last version I tried to start the ZRTP exchange at a later time by calling startZrtp from the engine for the peer which didn't secure the call, after the engine was previously initialized with autosensing off. This approach didn't work (I don't know exactly why as I tried another one without any debugging). So, I completely renounced to initialize the engine in case the peer doesn't have "secure comm" toggled from start, and initialized it directly with autosensing on at the moment the peer toggles "secure on" during the call. It seems to work fine this way.

This was the good news. The bad news is that the problem I've mentioned in one of my previous mails still appears sometimes. I've got it twice at 10-15 established calls today (didn't count them :slight_smile: but I think that's the aproximate number). More exactly, the ZRTP initialization seems to get stuck for some reason in the DH exchange phase. Like I said it doesn't happen (very) often. Yesterday I think I made 10 to 20 calls in a row and didn't show up. I'll try in the next days to place some breakpoints, and to make various enable/disabled secure comm configuration call runs to see if I can "catch" it again and figure out the reason.




"Life is full of unexpected but nothing happens without a reason..."

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