[sip-comm-dev] XMPP Jingle Nodes


Hi all,

We have committed initial support for Jingle Nodes in SVN revision 8051. It is disabled by default though, to let us time to test more.

We jnsapi.jar from http://code.google.com/p/jinglenodes/ and have made small modifications to fit our cases (patch attached).

The SmackServiceNode only search tracker/relays from the roster and via discover#items, we cannot add some "manual" tracker/relay in the process, so I propose to "deepSearch" also the trackerEntries of the SmackServiceNode instance. Then discovering relays takes time (as it will send a request to every #items discovered and all contacts of the roster) so I propose to add a boolean parameter to searchServices method to allow or not discovery via discover#items and roster. Maybe this is not the right thing to do but we could discuss how to make jnsapi to better handle the discovery process.


jnsapi-modif.diff (4.15 KB)


Sebastien Vincent