[sip-comm-dev] XMPP connection / deconnection and smart ressource management


Hi all,

Have you alrealdy try to connect to an XMPP server* with the same account two times,
in different places, using SC ?

For example, I logon to my jabber account at home, then I leave home, staying online.
I go elsewhere (work, beach ...) and try to connect one more time.
SC will use the default ressource (say /sip-comm) to connect again.
This will cause my XMPP home session to logout.
The home client will automatically try to reconnect, using the same ressource.
This will disconnect me at work, or beach. (being typing on a keyboard at beach what a life ...).

I guess you have seen the problem at this point. We are in an infernal loop of connection/deconnection
and we can't stop that, because the SC client at home will never give up. So the result is that we can't
connect at beach (except if our home burn with our pc). Hey don't worry, we can swim.

I this secenario I see, at least, 4 possible solutions :

1 - SC at home don't try to reconnect and simply popup a windows saying that we are
already connected somewhere (other software does like that).

2 - The SC at home "sees" that there is nobody in front of him (user inactivity) and simply
stop trying to reconnect. almost the same as 1

3 - One client automatically switch to another ressource when we detect repeating deconnection.
this solution has a problem : how to choose the client which will change its ressource so we
don't end up we the two clients switching on the same ressource, again.

4 - throw the PC and gotta swim.

*) I have seen this problem using the voipgw.u-strasbg.fr server, I don't know if other server
handle this situation differently



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