[sip-comm-dev] XCAP unit tests



This week I've written unit tests that will allow to test some of XCAP
As SC doesn't have UI for setting server stored account info I decided that
having these tests are more important. They are situated in the
TestOperationSetServerStoredInfo. They test reading, adding, removing,
replacing and error handling of ImageDetail (account avatar).
If you want to run them - specify accounts.sip.account1.XCAP_SERVER={xcap
server uri} in the accounts.properties.

While testing I've found some issues in my code and one issue in
ServerStoredDetails.equals method (obj.equals(obj) - returns false) - so I
fix it. If it is wrong, please let me know.
If you have remarks on my unit tests please also let me know.

Next week I'm going to add more unit tests that will allow to test read,
add, delete, remove operations with server stored contacts and groups.

Thanks, Grigorii