[sip-comm-dev] XCAP status report



For two weeks I've been working on XCAP contact avatars.

I've found that SIP2SIP server supports pres-content (
In common words pres-content is a server storage that allows to save user
documents (in our case it is images). Than in the PRESENCE event user
specifies that he has specific avatar (image uri is situated in the
<status-icon> node) and all subscribers update avatars.

For now SIP Communicator supports it (in the attachment you can see it).
Unfortunately I didn't find the way how to set current user's avatar in the
SIP Communicator, nevertheless I will implement this opportunity. If you
want to see it please let me know I will provide users that have server
stored avatars.

For now I have some issues that are not resolved:

1. SIP2SIP server doesn't follow pres-content RFC for 100% (it is the only
XCAP server that supports it). I've written to them, they said that we are
the first who are implementing these features and they will change their
logic if needed. For now I have some tricky code to resolve it but I'm not
sure that we need it.
2. SIP2SIP server doesn't return well-formed xml (it is the only XCAP server
that supports it) in some cases (it is critical for partial get/set
operations). I've written to them, they said that they will check it. So for
now references to XCAP contacts and groups won't be supported.
3. I put <status-icon> in the <person> node but it is possible to put in the
<tuple> element. According to RFC it is possible to have several tuple
elements, which tuple element is the main? I've found some logic in the SIP
Communicator but sometimes it is very strange and not 100% RFC complains. I
need some assistance to resolve it.

All my code situated in the gsoc2010/xcap branch. Any comments are very

Thanks, Grigorii