[sip-comm-dev] Wrapping SC in JavaFX


Hi there,
I'm working on a JavaFX desktop multimedia project.
At this stage, we need some of the features already implemented by SC, such
as Video Conference and SIP audio calls.
I want to hook SC in some way, I already thought about a few solutions but
I'm new to SC and to the Felix platform so I need advice from someone
experienced with both.
I want to keep my project and SC decoupled for a number of reasons.
I did some experiment using RMI but many types coming from awt are'nt
serializable so it would be very difficult to go this way for media
Also, JavaFX has still some issue on wrapping swing components.
So I'm thinking about using RMI just for remote control while
re-transmitting media streams from SC to localhost by a little adapter.
Does it seems to you a good approach?
What else do you suggest?
I also need help on locating proper pointcuts into SC to intercept media
streams, I still don't have a clear vision of SC architecture.

Thank you