[sip-comm-dev] Windows Setup issues / format change of heat.exe's output



Today I tried to build the windows setup and failed at first because of the special prerequisites. The documentation in the build.xml header is outdated; did I miss something elsewhere (besides the problems of others having the same problem on the mailing list)?

I managed to a build against the official 3.0 Release of WiX by patching the build.xml and the xsl-transformations:
- heat-component-defines.xsl: select="*[local-name()='Fragment']/*[local-name()='DirectoryRef']/*[local-name()='Directory' and @Name='SourceDir']/*"
- build.xml: <property name="light.dir" value="${windows.app.dir}/tmp/SourceDir" />
- build.xml: append the parameter -cg sip-comm to heat.exe:
   <arg value="-cg" />
   <arg value="sip-comm" />

As I have no access to the older version of WiX (the download page contains only the newest 3.0 release) I'm unable to verify if this replicates the original behavior.
The base-path to the WiX binaries points fixed to "c:\program files\WiX", could this be changed to the default installation path or an ant-property (maybe defined via installers.properties)? The fixed path doesn't even work when supplying this path in the WiX-installer, let alone non-english installations of Pre-Vista Windows'.

What are the plans on the IzPack based installer? I'd "vote" to remove all of this stuff if there are no plans to update it in the near future to clean up the build process a bit.
I'd provide a patch set to all of the mentioned points if you're interested.



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