[sip-comm-dev] windows: no zeroconf? Why no SIP? javaw.exe firewall open?



Now I am trying out the client on Windows.

Doesn't it have zeroconf abilities?

I could actually copy the sip-communicator.properties

However, login doesn't work yet with my SIP providers.
I could get googletalk and jabber up and running,
but the login into my VOIP provider results in:

An error occurred while logging in with account
User name: ...
Server name : SIP: ...

During installation and first start, when I was asked to allow access
through the firewall, I opened it completely for javaw.exe (also for public
networks - because I might use SIP also from internetcafes).

I actually do not like the idea that javaw.exe now always has internet
access rights. Do you see any way how to identify your program more
specifically concerning the windows firewall?



from my mac to Windows - and it works, very nice!

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