[sip-comm-dev] We need you !


Hi all,

No, it's not uncle Sam (but perhaps uncle Ben's ...).
As far as SIMPLE (presence for SIP) is now near to the end of the implementation I need your help for 3 little things :
- if you're using SIP, switch to a recent version if it's not already done (the 714 will be a good choice) and if you see any problem or if something doesn't work as you expected, tell it here please :slight_smile: theoretically everything should work
- if you have any suggestion for a new feature I'll be pleased to implement it
- and finally if you know a stable and public SIP server able to use messaging and presence (which is not iptel.org, voipgw, antisip.com, freephonie nor ekiga.org) please tell us. We're actively seeking for a such server !

ladies and gentlemen, thanks for your attention and for your help !


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