[sip-comm-dev] Various Bonjour bugs

Hi everybody,

I've been working on my GSoC project lately (FMJ's RTP stack and its
integration in SC), so I didn't have much time to work on the Bonjour protocol.

I've got a patch that's been lying on my desktop for a while. I wrote it the day
I was sent the various bug reports and I was planning to test it before
submitting it, but since then I've been in Germany without any way of testing if
my modifications are ok. I don't like posting patches without having tested
them, but since I don't know exactly how long I'll be away from Strasbourg, I
prefer posting it on the ML. If somebody feels like looking at it, he's welcome,
else Bonjour will have to wait a bit to be corrected ;o).

This patch is meant to address the following bugs:

1�/ Bug Emil & I talked about offline concerning the account suppression that
didn't work correctly (a single test to correct in the ProtocolProviderFactory)
2�/ Multiple Bonjour accounts creation, reported by Emil
3�/ Service registration problem (port declaration), reported by Guillaume

Concerning the multiple interfaces problem, this will require some bigger work
on JmDNS and mandatory testing on a machine with multiple interfaces. As said,
since I've got no way of doing Bonjour tests at the moment, I'm afraid this will
have to wait a bit.

About changing the name from Zeroconf to Bonjour (Guillaume), how should we
proceed? Should I refactor everything and post a patch/archive or will somebody
with commit rights rename the files?

As said before, this patch wasn't tested so I guess it might not be totally ok.
I only send it now for people who are really pissed off at those bugs and would
need those corrections fast before having a nervous breakdown. I take no
responsibility for any side effect (SC crash, threatening messages, smoke coming
out of your screen, etc) :stuck_out_tongue: .

I apologize for the delay.

Best regards,

zeroconf_patch.patch (7.19 KB)