[sip-comm-dev] using Sip-Communicator as Communication framework for separate project


I am currently working on a Telepresence that is based almost entirely on
the Skype API. As you might guess this limits the project greatly and I keep
having to make rather improper hacks to get around the limitations that
Skype puts in there API to stay in control of Skype. In general I am not
happy with the API or Skype's attitude toward developers who develop stuff
around Skype. I have therefore been on the search for an open source
alternative that I could implement directly inside of my project and make my
program THE client and not a side project controlling a separate client. My
goal is to connect my project with public IM servers such as Google chat,
jabber, MSN, or whatever other servers I can connect to. Only a couple of
days ago I found SIP-Communicator, I was very excited since it already had
most of the protocols supported, the only problem was I could not figure out
how to use my own User Interface instead of the built in one.

My interface is based off of NiftyGUI <http://nifty-gui.lessvoid.com/> instead
of Swing so I am pretty sure I can't just change a few parameters. That is
why I would like to use SIP-Communicator as the communication framework
instead of just writing an add-on for SIP-Communicator. I thought I might
ask on the dev list. If it is practical would you know of any way I could go
about doing it? Is there perhaps a certain package dedicated to high level
communication? (If possible I would prefer to avoid using too much low level
communication; otherwise I would write all of the communication side

If anyone has any suggestions or answers to these questions, they would be
greatly appreciated.